Friday, March 21, 2014

Steam Generator Operator

Required Skills: • College Diploma • Minimum of 3 years of experience in steam/gas metering and distribution, OR involvement with various types of steam, water and gas metering methods and devices. • Knowledge of the thermodynamic properties of steam, gas and general fluids. • Exposure to steam injector wellhead, flowline and choke/metering device problem diagnosis and repair • Knowledge of energy control for high pressure/temperature pipelines (isolation, bleed-off, lockout/tag out, etc.) • Good in communication and interpersonal skills. Steam Generator Operator Job Description The Steam Generator Operator will be responsible for safely and effectively distributing and metering steam in the Mukhaizna Field. The scope will include both continuous steam injectors and cyclic steam wells along with the associated steam distribution metering and piping network. The Steam System Operator will be responsible for devising plans to meet individual well steam targets while honoring various pressure restrictions. The Steam Generator Operator will need to communicate with the various Steam Generating Teams (OTSG & HRSG Teams) with 1) the total amount of steam required 2) the required steam generator discharge pressure and 3) the locations of the various steam injectors for each piping network and steam generator site. The individual well Steam Targets will be provided by Production/Reservoir Engineering. The Steam System Operator will be tasked with achieving these targets in a safe, effective and environmentally responsible manner. They will be expected to communicate where problems exist in meeting these targets along with the problem type, root cause and suggested solution(s). The Operator should also capture key data and devise key performance indicators which communicate surface compliance with targets, meter accuracy, equipment reliability and other items of importance. The Steam System Operator is responsible for the proper metering and control of steam within the network and take the lead in energy control as necessary (isolate portions of the distribution systems as necessary to protect people and equipment, etc.). This will include making formal requests for PM & CM work orders. The Steam Generator Operator responsibilities include but not limited to: • Ensure safe, efficient operation while maintaining the integrity of the distribution and metering equipment. • Communicate with other teams to ensure proper supply of steam at adequate location & pressure. • Communicate with other teams to ensure proper steam is generated and well/cost targets met . • Maintain equipment, meters, chokes and isolation valves in good operating condition. • Identify and correct wells injecting over/under their steam targets (change chokes, pressure, etc.). • Justify, schedule and conduct PM’s (Preventative Maintenance)/CM’s (Corrective Maintenance) in a safe and environmental manner and as per regulations. • Capture data as needed, use to create KPI’s and communicate operations compliance with stakeholders Skill:steam/gas metering and distribution

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Job - Senior Commissioning Engineer

Our client is large Engineering, Procurement and Construction Company that has a long standing track record of delivering high value complex resources projects around the world. They are currently searching for a senior commissioning engineer to be based in Oman to work on an oil and gas project for their owner operator client. This is a married status role with an expat package including housing allowance, medical, flights backs home a year and a Tax Free Salary. Key responsibilities • Report and assist the commissioning manager as well as monitor the safety performance of all commissioning contractors on site. • Monitor all commissioning activities to ensure proper application of compliance with construction policies, procedures, methods and technical, requirements. • Review plans, schedules and vendor commissioning documents and data. The following experience/skills are required for the position • A formal degree and 5 years experience or a HND or equivalent and at least 10 years plus experience as a commissioning engineer. • Large EPCM /PMC or Contractor background, working on Oil and Gas, LNG or Petrochemical projects. • Fluent in both written and verbal English as well as having previous exposure to a diverse range of cultures in the work force.

Job - Commissioning Manager

Candidates should have EPCM / PMC project experience in Oil & Gas. Leads, directs and supervises a team of discipline Engineers in preparation and execution of commissioning of process plants assuming entire responsibility for the completion of the implementation in conformance with the client’s needs and HSE standards. Commissioning Manager’s may handle multiple projects. Roles and Responsibilities: § Carries out a detailed assessment of the work involved in the individual group as well as discipline with respect to the commissioning and assess the available resources and possible constraints in the execution of the same. § Prepares manpower organization to fulfill the commissioning schedule. Coordinate with other departments/ agencies to resolve interface problems. § Oversees and ensures all construction activities are completed prior to taking up the system for commissioning and ensure the setting up of safety procedures for the same. § Coordinates with the commissioning Engineers and ensures the development of integrated commissioning plans including the scope of commissioning activities, duration for each, scope of interlinked activities, resources required, constraints regarding the same, as well as availability of tools and machinery in addition to overseeing the preparation of commissioning schedules based on the quantum of job and duration for each activity as well as prioritize system completion requirements in order to steer construction completion. § Provides guidance to the Commissioning Engineers in analyzing the scope as per contract and battery limit /guarantees as well as ensure the preparation of procedures for systematic and sequential pre commissioning/commissioning/start up of plant. § Carries out detailed analysis of plant commissioning, assessing the requirements of special tools /temporary facilities/equipments required for pre commissioning and commissioning, prepares Equipment/Tools list and initiate procurement. § Supervises Construction, logistics administration, field engineering, material approvals, coordination with Client, planning, Progress monitoring & cost control. § Ensures that all safety and precautionary requirements and procedures are followed during the commissioning process. § Holds regular review meetings with the client on issues such as HSE conformance and commissioning progress as well as meetings with the vendors to resolve any equipment related problems. § Provides technical as well as manpower support to client during initial operations as required by contract project terms. § Hands over the plant to client in line with the commissioning schedules and client requirements. § Review reports generated by Commissioning Engineers and provide support and technical guidance as and when required. § Carries out any other duties as and when required by direct supervisor.